How do I verify my XanPool account?

Minimum Age Requirement

18 years old and above. 

What do I need to provide during the KYC process?

  1. You would need to provide the following documents : Proof of Address', 'Front & Back of ID', and 'KYC video'.
  2. For 'Proof of Address' upload a full-page document such as a bank statement or utility bill for verification. The uploaded document must be in your name, with your postal address, and issued in the last 3 months.
  3. For the KYC video, please first show front and both side face views, then of yourself holding your ID/Passport so that your photo, name, and ID number are clearly visible. Followed by a note stating 'Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency on XanPool' with today's date and your signature. Please refer to the steps below.

How to do the KYC video?


How long does account verification take? 

Account verification is not immediate and submissions are attended to in the order that they are received by our team. The KYC process can sometimes take up to 8 hours.


Why is KYC necessary?