Why did my KYC/verification fail?

Our compliance team reviews all accounts verification requests very carefully. However, at times, the documents submitted may not meet our requirements.

To understand which requirements have failed:

  1. Check the email sent to you by our compliance team at your registered email address.
  2. Sign in to the dashboard and check if the documents submitted require amendments.

Common reasons why verifications fail: 

  1. Blurry documents with unclear logos/text 
  2. Documents that has filters on it 
  3. Pictures taken of documents on another screen 
  4. Proof of Address document was issued more than 3 months ago 
  5. KYC video was missing either a clear visual of front and side face views, ID or submission did not include a note
  6. Incorrect upload of front or back ID
  7. Full-page documents not uploaded / Mismatch in documents uploaded and KYC video