Introduction to our integration methods, and transaction statuses

  • Integration

    Learn about our integration options and API documentation

    • How do we integrate with XanPool?

      Widget Integration XanPool widget provides an easy way to 3rd party partners to on & off board their customers using a pre-build XanPool interface. Learn more about...

    • Sandbox Guide

      Pre-Requisites Sandbox environment only supports Bitcoin Testnet. Please DO NOT use VPN while accessing your XanPool account, as this will result in your account be...

    • How to simulate 'Buy' process with Sandbox?

      After you have set up the checkout widget, you should be able to see widget options that are similar to that of the demo’s here Create a Sandbox Transaction  Sandb...

    • How are Partner Fees settled?

      Add Partner Fees To add partner fees on top of XanPool's transaction fees, please contact Payout  To withdraw your fees, please follow the bel...

  • Transactions FAQ

    Help your users with payment issues, and learn more about the transaction statuses on your dashboard